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7 "Thiazolidinediones as a Novel Class of Algicides Against Red Tide Harmful Algal Species"
Yeon-Mi Kim, Ying Wu, Thi Uyen Duong, Gajanan S. Ghodake, Si Wouk Kim, EonSeon Jin, Hoon Cho
Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 2010
6 "Pear fruit extract-assisted room-temperature biosynthesis of gold nanoplates"
G.S. Ghodake, N.G. Deshpande, Y.P. Lee, E.S. Jin
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 2010
5 "Inhibition of Oxidative Phosphorylation Induces a Rapid Death of GA-Pretreated Aleurone Cells, But Not of ABA-pretreated Aleurone Cells"
Hyeokgon Park, Minji Park, Hui-kyeong Yim, Seunghye Park, EonSeon Jin, Yong-sic Hwang
Journal of Plant Biology, 2010
4 "Gene expression profiling of Dunaliella sp. acclimated to different salinities"
Minjung Kim, Seunghye Park, Jürgen E.W. Polle, EonSeon Jin
Phycological Research, 2010
3 "Dynamic response of the transcriptome of a psychrophilic diatom, Chaetoceros neogracile, to high irradiance"
Seunghye Park, Gyeongseo Jung, Yong-sic Hwang, EonSeon Jin
Planta, 2010
2 "Biogenic Nano-Synthesis; towards the Efficient Production of the Biocompatible Gold Nanoparticles"
Gajanan Ghodake, Chi-Yong Eom, Si Wouk Kim, EonSeon Jin
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, 2010
1 "Antifreeze Protein in Antarctic Marine Diatom, Chaetoceros neogracile"
In Gyu Gwak, Woong sic Jung, Hak Jun Kim, Sung-Ho Kang, EonSeon Jin
Marine Biotechnology, 2010