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4 "The unicellular green alga Dunaliella salina Teod. as a model for abiotic stress tolerance: genetic advances and future perspectives."
A Ramos, J Polle, D Tran, JC Cushman, E Jin, J Valera
Algae, 2011
3 "Transcriptomic Analysis of Haematococcus lacustris during Astaxanthin Accumulation under High Irradiance and Nutrient Starvation"
Dong-Keon Kim, Seong-Joo Hong, Jae-Han Bae, Narae Yim, EonSeon Jin, Choul-Gyun Lee
Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering, 2011
2 "Enhanced efficacy of TD53, a novel algicidal agent, against the harmful algae via the liposomal delivery system"
Hyo-Kyung Han, Yeon-Mi Kim, Soo-Jeong Lim, Soon-Seok Hong, Seul-Gi Jung, Hoon Cho, Wonjae Lee, EonSeon Jin
International Journal of Pharmaceutics, 2011
1 "Biogenic materialization using pear extract intended for the synthesis and design of ordered gold nanostructures"
Ghodake Gajanan, Man Chang, Jaeyoung Kim, EonSeon Jin
Journal of Materials Science, 2011